ok, sorry it's taken me so long to finish the story, but i had to get some details straight first. we wouldn't want me to have to resort to silly exaggeration, now would we? luckily, MS came in for lunch today and i quizzed her about the entire conversation....


our stunned protagonist stutters a confused, "who's this?"

"who's this?" the voice on the other end asks incredulously, "you called me. what do you mean, who's this?"

"uh, well, i was just expecting the voicemail to pick up. i was going to leave a message for zach braff."

"well, here i am."

"really? is it really you?"


a good 30-40 seconds of girlish shrieking ensues. then, "are you still there?"


"wellmynameisVSandihadthiswholemessageplottedoutabouthowyouandiaremeantforeachother, andhowmuchilovegardenstate, andyou. iloveyousomuch.

imeanionlyhavetenfriendsbutimadethemallseegardenstateatleasttwicewithme, andthesoundtrackwellit'srevolutionizedmylife."

"well, VS, i have to say that you sound like a really smart young woman."


"do you realize that you are talking about me in the third person while you're on the phone with me?"

"yesbutidon'tcare. ohmygodthisisthebestdayofmylife."

a few seconds of boyish giggling ensues. "i'm so flattered."


"okay, thanks for the tip."


"well, it was great talking to you, but i have to run. thanks for the call. bye."