a story about everyone's favorite person: zach braff

so, my friend MS and her little sister V, are, like all of us, obsessed with old zach and his blog.

V, still being in high school and all, has a larger window of opportunity each day to spend studying the blog than, say, you or i might.

so when old zach posted the phone number for a cell phone that he and donald faison got together, so that fans could call in and leave messages and feedback about the tv show, of course V was able to write down the number in her secret hello kitty diary (with a lock on it!) before zach edited his blog--apparently regretting his decision to post his unlisted contact information on the internet--and took down his digits mere hours later.

for days, V and her friends crafted the perfect voicemail for her to leave on the phone, complete with a meaningful and metaphor-ridden account of why she and zach are meant for each other, before she worked up the gall to make the call.

finally, one morning, she called.

the phone rang.

and rang.

and rang.

V's heart was beating hard and fast, in anticipation of that BEEP.

and then, the unexpected happened.

someone picked up.

i have to go to sleep now, so come back tomorrow and i'll tell you the rest of the story. V, M, and family: i hope i'm doing the story justice. and i hope you like the part about the hello kitty diary. see you later.