over the weekend i went to joshua tree with some of my lovely friends. i've never been out there before, or really in the desert like that. it wasn't that hot, though, so we lucked out. on the drive back, which included a slight detour onto route 66, i realized that it felt weird to be so hot and not be covered up, because the only times i've ever felt so hot and dry, i was in one muslim country or another.

there were many highlights of the trip, which include:

--MMC's impression of a joshua tree
--ms. pac man
--MMC's homemade marshmallows (made with real sugar, so when you toast them over the campfire, they brulee!
--singing around the fire with two (2!) guitars on saturday night (and a bongo). and the applause from our neighbors
--our photos with the joshua tree nearby
--the stars (and the shooting stars)
--the amazing rocks
--getting locked out of the car and looking for a slimjim
--finding a slimjim and getting back into the car
--and of course, no one being able to remember the rules of cribbage thanks to our awful instructions, and the ensuing search for some fellow campers who might be able to help us out. we never really figured anything out, but we did cross paths with some interesting people on the way there.
--the s'mores on sunday were pretty awesome, too