i forgot to mention that charlie and alison are both set to open their places in the next week or so. it's so exciting!

yesterday, i went by to see both of them, and both of the places look so wonderful. alison makes the BEST scones! i can't wait for her shop to open. i stopped by charlie's after, and i really love how he's preserved the character of the place. the wood-burning oven was fired up, so i stuck around and had some pizza. i have to say, his crust is amazing--maybe the best i've had out of italy. and somehow he lucked out and found a guy who used t work at grimaldi's to come make pizza for him.

i'm going to give charlie a hand on tuesday, so if anyone is around, come stop by! it's the official opening, but i heard a rumor that no one will be charged for food, only drinks.