i've been sucked into lost.

and now i'm sitting here watching amy grant's three wishes.

yesterday, i put on my holey cowgirl creamery shirt and dragged myself out of the house with the idea of going to stinson, but once i got there, i just kept on going. through the beautiful point reyes national seashore, with its billowing, metallic waters, up into the town. i stopped over at brickmaiden breads and tomales bay foods, then got back into the car and drove down into inverness, where i stopped to get something to eat, and imagined that my wonderful old professor robert hass might stop by and we could sit there talking about poetry and life and beauty through the quiet afternoon.

that didn't exactly happen.

but it was lovely, nonetheless.

two weeks ago i made a wedding cake. ha! it was tiered and everything. chocolate with cream cheese frosting, if you're wondering.

i've been driving to bob's on fridays, and today i took a friend up there with me. we argued the entire way there about a certain ethical issue, and when we got there we invited bob and charlene into our conversation. it was hilarious!!! bob just went on and on about how if you go to grad school you'll suddenly find yourself one million dollars in debt, and all of this other crazy stuff. he was pretty great.

a book i contributed to is coming out soon!!! november, i think.