happy halloween

Pumpkin farm, originally uploaded by eva101.

yikes! i can't sleep. they gave me a sort of mini plaster cast/splint thing, and this big piece of foam with holes in it that looks like a hunk of gruyere in which to keep my arm elevated. it's all very bulky and quite uncomfortable, which definitely prevents sound sleep.

i just read this sort of funny thing in the nyt about halloween candy.

we definitely felt the earthquake here last night, and i just read that it was the biggest bay area quake since 1989. my friend who's originally from chicago is taking care of me, and she is obsessed with earthquakes (and this website). she was on the phone all evening--it was pretty funny. i'm definitely going to work on an earthquake kit while i am out of commission. you guys can come over and share mine if you don't get around to making one of your own in time. pickled artichoke hearts, here i come.

the best thing about being a cook after surgery is all of your cook friends--halloween or no, i have scored some major loot: apple crisp, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, raw beet salad with caraway and pomegranate seeds, chard with spinach and pinenuts, and really delicious turkey, kale and rice soup. and today, my pastry friend is coming over! maybe i should save this stuff and have a party?