things i would/should/won't/better not buy for myself

(you can probably figure out which is which)

ravenna bag from the sundance catalog

a flickr pro membership

still not able to let go of the ridiculous dream of that il bisonte bag (above).

a kerry cassill duvet in airy orange floral

moo stickers and cards

these beautiful 2008 calendars:
jill bliss
diana fayt
green chair press
and anxiously awaiting mav's version at port2port

the indian trellis quilt, french waiter's apron, some cashmere bedsocks, and the olive-brown suede babouches from toast.

about a bazillion cote bastide soaps

rococo chocolates that look like flageolet, haricots, and borlotti beans

the pining porcupine cards from shopsins general store