builder's booksource

one of my favorite shops is builder's booksource. i could spend hours in there. and i have.

speaking of green stuff (a few posts back), they have piles and piles of books on building and designing eco-friendly homes. i only wish building or designing a home were something i were concerned with these days. but they have lots of books that have nothing to do with that, and seem to be made for lay people like me just to stare at for hours on end. art books, travel books, gifts, journals, calendars. so, so much. it all makes me want to be an architect.

here are some of my favorites from my most recent visit:
atlas schmatlas

heath ceramics: the complexity of simplicity

moroccan interiors

markets of paris

paris, restaurants and more

builder's booksource
1817 4th st.
berkeley, ca 94710

there's also a location in san francisco.

p.s. i once got an ant farm there. so cool!