a few of my favorites

a partial list of my favorite things of the past year:

robert plant and alison kraus: especially #7.

following the food chain and all of the wonderful people it led me to.

moro blood oranges, royal blenheim apricots, kishus, cherries, dgeg tomatoes, sweet potatoes, little potatoes, imperial black beauty eggplant.

novella and the piggies.

the farm (catering, sleepovers, zoe, my birthday party, ellemagazine, woodworking, pickups, dexter beef, flavia, class field trip, canning, cp party).

finishing my project.

the lesson i learned from the paella lady.

chocolate and tapioca puddings (tartine recipe and whole foods).

sheepsmilk cheeses: especially panache d'aramits, tomette d'helette, abbaye de belloc and the sheep/cow blend gabietou.

tart yogurt, frozen and total

salty chocolate

hawaii with alice and terry (peanut butter mochi, swimming daily, shaved ice--NOT!, misubi, the reppun brothers)

canning so much stuff: marmalade in january. nocino. limoncello. lemon verbena syrup and liqueur. tomato everything. peaches. apricots. strawberry jam. peppers. fennel pollen. fennel liqueur. vin d'orange.

better photos. flickr. i heart flickr.

juj moving to town.

the births of hazel and alexandra.

visiting coach in washington, and making hand-cranked ice cream every. single. day. (mt. baker. log cabin. mt. vernon farmer's market.)

de young wire sculptures and trompe l'oeil.

kerry cassill.

finally feeling like the short fiction in the new yorker doesn't suck balls anymore.

meeting and getting to know some amazing writers, including mp, novella, and ar.

because it deserves its own separate mention: my birthday party.

the guru and my excellent palm-reading.


the potato chip movie.