i so, so, so should be asleep right now, but am high on caramel-noyaux ice cream (can i just mention it's the most delicious thing i've eaten in a long, long time?). i'm mildly obsessed with noyaux right now--the other day as i was making an apricot tart, i decided next time i'd have to make the frangipane with some noyaux. i mean, can you even imagine?

i turned in my next piece today, for another magazine (this one's nationally distributed, so you can go to your local independent bookshop and drop ten or twelve bucks on it!), and it was an amazing relief. i took a subject that's been talked about for over thirty years, and told a story (i believe) hasn't yet been told about it. that's what i want to do with all of my writing.

i could do this for the rest of my life.

i haven't exactly chosen passions that are rewarding in any traditional sense--mine are amongst the least sustainable professions i can imagine. but sometimes, like last week when i was interviewing for the story, and i realized i was at the home of someone i've looked up to and respected for over a decade, i saw that sometimes, my path rewards me in other ways, ways that could never be bought with money (and good thing, because i don't have much of it). people are what give me joy, and fire, and luckily, i've met some really amazing people thus far. i hope it only continues...