what if....

-the minimum wage cooks and dishwashers made were $15/hour (only $31,200 a year before taxes, yet so much more than most cooks will ever make)?
-all restaurants made everything from scratch, had freezers only for ice cream, and the only cans opened had anchovies and tomatoes inside?
-what seemed ridiculous were the fact that people think it's okay to balk at a measly wellness surcharge instead of the fact that so many full-time restaurant employees (some of whom work two or three jobs) will never have health insurance?


what if people realized the true cost of making good, honest food?

what if restaurant prices really reflected that cost?

what if, when they sat down to eat, people thought about all of the lives, all of the work, that goes into making that one meal?

do you think people would still feel entitled to criticize left and right, all over the internet, about such silly things as the size of the silverware or write letters threatening blackmail and extortion (i remember one person who threatened to build a website called www.cpsucks.com) if they aren't "sufficiently compensated?"

i know people, both in restaurants and out, who think i get too wound up about this stuff. but are these issues you face in your line of work on a daily basis? i'm not even complaining about the typical challenges of working in a restaurant, like standing eight to ten hours a day, cutting, burning and otherwise injuring myself on a nearly daily basis, trying to use up food before it goes bad, and trying to make the best of a wholly-undereducated-overintoxicated work force. i totally accept those challenges.

i also totally accept responsibility for over and undercooked steaks, salty and bland food, burnt cookies, and over-garlicky aioli. it happens, and i'm sorry, and i'll do my best to make it up to you. i just wish that people had a little more compassion, and a lot more understanding about what really goes on in the back of a restaurant before they felt okay about talking smack about last night's dinner.