i'm dreaming up a post about my first farm kill, which was this week, but in the meantime, here's a list of what's been keeping me going lately:

icy hot
ice bags
hyaluronic acid
chicken livers (?!)
coco bianco beans
july red nectarines
catalan farm white corn
the el cerrito pool (amazing!)

i have been having a lot of crazy thoughts about how difficult it is to simultaneously want to be a part of something and yet hate how pretentious and exclusive that something can be. i wonder if having that consciousness will allow me to be part of that something for all that's wonderful about it, and somehow manage to not get sucked into everything that's gross about it....

also, jerome and sam are planning another open dinner, this time made only with ingredients from sf, oakland and berk. email them early if you want to go--last time the dinner sold out in a day.