trini and cassidy campbell, by annie leibovitz

my ankle is healing surprisingly well from the terrible sprain i endured last thursday, complete with a fit of hysterics on the way to the emergency room (and i quote, "exercise saved my life!  if it's broken and i can't exercise, i'm gonna diiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee!!!").  it's about twenty different shades of blue--and i'll spare all of you lightweights a photo--but the swelling has decreased and i no longer have a cankle.

at work, i'm excited to be planning a special dinner with one of my favorite farms, riverdog, on february 17th.  tim, trini, brian and bryan will be around sportin' their sunday finest and talking about organic produce, farming in northern california, and the adventures of their first year as hog farmers.  i can't wait--i buy week in and week out from these guys, and they really have some of the finest produce around.  plus, trini is one heck of a woman farmer.  pretty awesome.

oh, and here is my latest piece in edible san francisco.  it's long, so it comes in two parts: part one and part two.  after reading it, you might think that i'm a hypocrite for being so into the aforementioned dinner, but honestly, i don't think there's a right answer with this stuff.  i just think people need to know all of the information before they make decisions and sweeping judgments about what to eat/what not to eat.  i honestly believe that there are good reasons for both arguments, and i believe wholeheartedly in supporting my local farmers.