the year of the ox isn't being so good to me so far.  i've injured myself badly (technically not before chinese new year), cannot manage to actually talk to the nutritionist on the phone, haven't heard a peep back from the last publication i sent a pitch out to, and today my car was hit in the parking lot by an uninsured, unlicensed driver (and since it's technically private property, the cops can't do anything about it).

luckily, i'm healing super-fast (i've been biking and swimming every day), refuse to give up on the nutritionist, will send out more pitches this weekend, and there wasn't really more than a tiny scratch on the car (i just have to hope that there wasn't any major internal damage, which i doubt there was).

i've been

eating: kishus, bananas, turkey, oatmeal and farro
reading: azar nafisi and malcolm gladwell
watching: slumdog millionaire
exercising: figuring out how to use my heart rate monitor for optimum performance
thinking about: spring, persianness, and from seed to table
eagerly awaiting: asparagus, strawberries, to be used to my new glasses and no longer nauseous

a goal for this year i'm excited about: participate in an organized athletic event

ok, gotta sleep.