soul food farm

i haven't been this tired in a long time--this string of emotionally exhausting fourteen hour days might be my longest yet. but tomorrow is our mangalitsa and martin dinner. martin bournhonesque is one of my favorite farmers, and at the same time, one of the most infuriating. i love him, but at the same time regularly plan to strangle him. if he's late one more time, or forgets my citrus again, i tell myself, i swear i will never order from him again.

but then he shows up with the most perfect wild arugula i've ever seen (or tasted). and all is forgiven.

not to ignore the mangalitsas, which might be the most delicious pork i've ever tasted.

i have to go to sleep now. but i'll try to post the menu tomorrow so we can all pretend to eat dinner together.