though jen might think that the best part of my weekend in seattle was randomly meeting heath putnam (who i'd coincidentally called and spoken to on thursday from berkeley) at the u-district farmer's market, it was actually realizing what a freak her husband gary is.

just kidding.

it was when jen squeezed the tube of fancy italian lotion onto her palms in the extremely snooty store in fremont before realizing it was actually toothpaste. (i won't neglect to mention that as we were cracking up and trying to ask for a tissue, i tripped and nearly knocked over a really fancy jewelry display. it was then that we thought it might be best to leave.)

but honestly, how could i choose just one moment? we got lost a bunch of times--despite having more gps units than people in our midst--and then found theo chocolate, really excellent bookstores, utilikilts, george washington's butt (you'll have to ask gary about that), a bride conference, and pocketfuls of seaglass.

there are pretty much no words to describe how much fun we had.  so excellent!!  thank you, jen, gary, devil-dog and anna.  (p.s. i will post this now because if i wait to get pics up, it'll never happen.  i'll update when i upload.)