eggplant cooking in the coals :: august, 2008 at cannard farm

well, the link to my npr story is up on the story's website! i can't exactly bring myself to listen to it yet, but my hope is that i didn't say anything too embarrassing. going into the studio to record was a fantastic experience, and everyone at kqed and the story was really, really caring and generous.

every morning lately, i wake up and say, "thank you, thank you, thank you!" to the universe for all of the wonderful things that are happening. some, i can talk about here, and some i can't, but i want everyone to know that i couldn't have dreamt up these days if i'd tried. for one thing, the red light camera ticket i got (for $500) and fought with a sketchy traffic lawyer who calls himself mr. ticket and charges a flat rate of $100: i somehow won that case even though i pretty much ran the light. um. ok. i'll take it!

cooking at cp has continued to be magical. for one thing, i love having a job where i'm not in charge. i also love being a floater, helping out here and there. i've just tried to believe that i'll be able to make it financially as new opportunities appear, and so far, things have been fine. last night while we cooked a beautiful dinner for cecilia chiang's 90th birthday (hello, emily's delicious potstickers!) there was such an incredible feeling of camaraderie and trust in the kitchen. i just feel so lucky to be part of this community!

i wish i had a scanner so i could share the beautiful handmade menu with you, but in it's stead i'll type out what we made:

little snacks of boiled peanuts with star anise, cucumber and radish pickles and olives

dumplings and salt and pepper squid

corn and lobster soup with scallions

tea smoked squab

braised eggplant and rapini

sichuan green beans

fragrant rice

coconut ice cream with autumn strawberries and tapioca (!)

asian-inspired mignardises

it was lovely. i hope it inspires you!