The response from the radio show has been incredible! Here is my favorite email so far (posted with the author's permission):

Dear Samin,

I happened to accidently run into your radio show today - The Story I think it was - found it while listening to Ashland Oregon radio on the 'puter - qute a fluke. You were awesome and I am inspired. I am a very small organic farmer and seed grower up in NW Washington - my main interest is in finding neglected heirloom vegetable varieties and bringing them back into circulation and taking good care of them - best accomplishment so far has been to save Winter Bloomsdale Spinach and get it back into availability as organic seed.

Anyway - I found your story very inspiring - now I'm so excited about producing the kind of eggs you so aptly described - actually I do produce such eggs but don't often encounter people who know about egg qualilty like you do - it's in the yolk color and that is from the diet (lots of green leaves - i.e. pasture). Now I'm determined to produce them in quantity and at a reasonable cost and make the rounds of restaurant back doors looking for somone like you to feature them.

You really made my mouth water with your description of the Parmesian cheese - way to go. I'm a fan of yours now.