Light as a feather, originally uploaded by p2wy.

2011 is about balance, redefining relationships, and focus.  

a little more of this, a little less of that.

a little more time spent reading books, and a little less time spent on the internet.  one of my goals for the year is to really focus in on the specific subject matter my first book will cover, and how i want to present it.  but before i can write, i want to read, to immerse myself in the books that inspired me to start writing, cooking, and teaching.  i'm not going to set a number goal or anything like that, i'm just going to commit to having books (or the new yorker) with me at pretty much all times.  

a little more income, a little less running around like a crazy person.  it's the whole work smarter, not harder thing.

a little more cardio, a little less yoga.  it became painfully clear to me last year that my body just isn't built to do only one activity, no matter how holistic and integrated that activity might be.  this doesn't mean i'm not going to go deeper into my practice, it just means i have to redefine my relationship to yoga.  

a little more vegetables, a little less sweets.  particularly juice.  oh, how i love the green juice.

a little more no, a little less yes.  to create time and space for myself, for what i want to work on, who i want to spend time with, i need to learn how to graciously decline.  this is a hard one, since taarof, not "no, thank you," is embedded in my dna.  

a little more teaching, writing and speaking gigs, a little less catering gigs.

a little more quality, a little less quantity.  more of a focus on aesthetics, on curating, on putting my best work out into the world, less worry about doing everything for everyone.  

a little less email, a little more sanity.  and hopefully, more pitches, pieces, and columns.  

already, i know that there is a lot of really fantastic stuff in store for me this year.  so many projects i spent the second half of 2010 working on will see the light of day in 2011, and i couldn't be prouder or more excited.  it was a fantastic year of collaboration, of diving in heart-first, and of doing things i never dreamt i could do.  i don't want any of that to end, i only want it to become a bit more sustainable.  

i can't wait to share it all with you, my friends!