Nowrouz: A Conversation about Food and Persian New Year

originally uploaded by {cindy}

i'm excited to announce that i'll be doing a talk and tasting on eid nowrouz, the first day of spring, at 18 Reasons about the history and significance of the many food traditions of persian new year.  

persian new year has always been the only holiday my family has observed together, and as a child i was steeped in the ancient traditions of this meaningful celebration.  from planting sprouts in early march to jumping over fires as the old year draws to an end to cleanse our souls, something about the many symbols and rituals of this special holiday has made it the most important time of year for me.  the fact that food plays an prominent role in many of its customs makes it even more pleasing to me now as an adult.  

please come join me...i'll be bringing a host of traditional treats straight from my mama's kitchen.