self portrait by tim walker

I've been making lists of my dream collaborators in my head for a while, now.  I think it's time to start making them public.  One of my dreams is to do a series of dinners in different cities with all of the different folks who inspire me, from musicians and cooks to florists and artists to storytellers, scientists and writers, and to capture them all on film by my favorite photographers.  Some of these folks I know, and others I don't.  The most excellent peden+munk encouraged me last night to go for it, so here's where I start making that list:

Aya Brackett
Gentl & Hyers
Jennifer Causey
Jason Lowe
Ed Anderson
Paige Green
Tim Walker
Anna Williams/The Voracity
Heidi Swanson/Wayne Bremser
Canal House ladies
Jaime Beechum

Alison Attenborough
Maggie Ruggiero
Leila Nichols
Kelly Ishikawa
Tail of the Yak

Florists & Gardeners
Nicolette Owen
Amy Merrick
Max Gill
Flora Grubb
Choo girls
Alta Tingle
Louesa Roebuck

Food & Drink Makers 
Four Barrel Coffee
St. George Spirits
Mast Brothers Chocolates
Tartine Bakery
Anson Mills
June Taylor
Scribe Winery (oh, that Hacienda!)
Violet Cakes
Dario Cecchini
Sylvan Brackett
Bryant Terry
Oretta Zanini de Vita
Della Fattoria's Ed and Kathleen
The Local Butcher Shop
Marlow & Sons & Daughters (Wythe hotel would make a great location!)

Farmers, etc.
Alison Edwards
Annabelle Lenderink
Dirty Girl folks
Sunny Slope Orchards
Nancy from Middleton (she's a California treasure)

Jack Hitt
David Sedaris
Beth Lisick
Kitchen Sisters
Pop-Up Magazine

Writers & Poets
Bob Hass
Wendell Berry
Kay Ryan
Jon Mooallem
Michael Pollan
Celia Sack/Omnivore

Bonnie Raitt
Mike Marshall
Chris Thile/ Nickel Creek
Bon Iver
Brandi Carlile (just got obsessed)

Artists & Makers
Christina Kim/dosa
Diana Fayt
Arielle Alasko
Tracy Lenihan
Sarah Pulver
Rebecca Burgess
Rough Linen
Aletha Soule
Lisa Congdon
Wendy Macnaughton
Lauren Mcintosh
Deepa Natarajan
Maira Kalman
Judith Belzer
Matt Dick
Christina Stork
Jessica Niello
Leah Rosenberg

Non-Profits to Support
The High Line
Edible Schoolyard
Alemany Farm
City Slickers Farm
People's Grocery
18 Reasons
San Francisco Public Library
Oakland Public Library
New York Public Library
Henry Miller Library

man, this is only the beginning...who have i left off??!?!  i'll come back and finish all of the links later, too.  just wanted to get this off the ground.  come, help me brainstorm.  and help me make this happen!!!  can you even begin to imagine how beautiful it could be?