me, elsewhere

i've been busy elsewhere on the www, and though i do my best to update folks via facebook, twitter, and the newsletter (you can subscribe to it by entering your email address in the box on the right sidebar), i usually forget to mention things here on the blog.

so, here's a little list, if you wanna catch up with me:

  • charlie and i weigh in on the foie gras ban in this piece on ecosalon
  • i've been instagrammin a lot lately (username: ciaosamin).  i also love instagrid.
  • kimberley from the year in food came to the last tartine afterhours dinner and tooks lots of lovely photos
  • i'm writing a little series of blog posts with cooking tips for my friends over at good eggs.  here's the first installment, all about artichokes
  • i think that's it.  there might be more, and if there is, i'll let ya know. 
p.s. there are still a few spots available in some of my home ec classes at pizzaiolo if you've been thinking about it!