so-cal bliss

i'm in the midst of a rare moment of calm (mostly because i am practically the only one at home right now).  i was way behind on some writing stuff coming down on weds, so i tried to get it all done on the plane.  but of course that didn't happen, so i've spent the past couple of days trying to find lovely ways of writing about bbq ribs and berbere sauce.  last night i was struggling on my blurb about ethiopian food while everyone else was working on the seating chart for the wedding and tying pretty ribbons and bows. 

i did manage to send everything off in time to help tj open all of her wedding presents.  they are  wonderful.  it's really amazing how you can just sign up for all of this stuff on a registry and then a month later it's all in your den.  kitchenaids, ice cream makers, fancy wine glasses, and all clad cookware is all i can think of at the moment.  but since she let me take care of the kitchen registry, it's all stuff that i would love to have for myself, and now i've gotta admit that i'm a tiny bit jealous.  though i have to say, i love all of my kitchen stuff.  i've been putting it all together for a while now, and i've got some things i'd never trade for anything. 

i guess i should stop typing; i'm freshly mani and pedicured, and if i mess this up, i am dead meat.  the manicurist just looked at me like i belong at the dog groomer's, considering the state my hands were in.  they're better now, but i'm no hand model.  yet.