the wedding was lovely. the banana cake from rosebud was the cutest cake i've ever seen. tj's dress was perfect. everything, quite honestly, was perfect (apart from the tactless confrontation by someone i don't particularly care for immediately after the ceremony). the food was good. all registry wishes came true. life was lovely.

my friend DR's baby shower on sunday was equally lovely. and then, i rushed home to pack up, and my mom and bro (P) are bringing up my stuff tomorrow. i was thinking i should take them to dinner at the restaurant on thursday, but now i am wondering if they shouldn't come have lunch while i am working instead. i don't think that anyone in my family actually believes that i can cook. of course, i'll be doing desserts on thursday, so it might be that nothing about their views will actually change.

other than my bed, the things i am most looking forward to being reunited with are my kitchen goods. oh, how i miss my baking supplies. i went to the bowl yesterday and got a million spices and dry goods and i am ready to bake. i also can't wait for my cookbooks to get here...

basically, i've just been running around too much to get anything very interesting down here. i barely have time to think. i apologize for the drabness of all of this, but i promise that once i get settled, things will get more interesting.

i have been working on something nice, though: the slow guide to the bay area. a friend is the editor, so i've been trying to run around in my spare time and eat at appropriate places and write them up for the guide. it's kinda harrowing, actually. but now that i have a few under my belt, i am feeling a lot better about it all.

kudos to gordito, for taking the CA bar last week. you're my hero, bro. almost hb, la sassy. congrats ismat, on nirali.
and of course, tj and fa, i wish you nothing but happiness. thanks everyone, for everything.