coming back to life

Thistles, originally uploaded by karin eriksson.

well, it wasn't the worst illness i've ever had, but this bout with the flu definitely ranks up there. only now, after a full week of being sick, can i really imagine ever feeling fully human again.

things that have made me really happy this week:

a few new books, including the principles of uncertainty, secret ingredients (thanks, alice!), made in italy, and the oxford companion to italian food. there is a really beautiful story in the nyer book by mfk fisher called "the trouble with tripe." she really is one of the most talented people to ever write about food.

after thirteen painful months of crashing, my computer finally kicked the bucket, and miraculously, apple (perhaps just sick of my endless, nagging phone calls) gave me a brand new one. but since they don't make ibooks anymore, and the macbooks only come with 13" screens and my ibook had a 14" screen, they felt it necessary to give me a 15" macbook pro. and they refunded my applecare.

the science of sleep--perhaps my favorite movie, ever.

i've been eating lots of cara cara and blood oranges.

wait wait and nyer podcasts